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Faces Music Video 

"Faces" is a melodious composition by the Easy Wanderlings , an acclaimed independent band hailing from India. They are well-known for their ethereal tunes and their music often showcases influences from Soul Pop and Indie Folk genres.

The film accompanying this song portrays the poignant journey of an elderly man as he looks back on his life. It beautifully encapsulates a series of treasured moments as well as episodes of regret that he encountered throughout his life's journey.

Faces won an award at a California-based film festival - Short To The Point in the narrative category 

Magnum Ice Cream Commercial

Shot on vintage 35mm film, this commercial transports us back to the golden age of advertising. It delves into the identities and emotions of our two main characters, illuminating their journey of discovery and mutual love for Magnum ice cream. By combining the allure of nostalgia with a modern tale of indulgence, the narrative beautifully captures the irresistible charm of this timeless dessert treat.

PSA - Better Help

This spec commercial is a compelling narrative about two friends engaged in a conversation about another friend, only to culminate in the vital lesson: "Talk to your friend, not ABOUT your friend." I had the opportunity to both shoot and produce this commercial as part of my capstone project for the MA in Cinematography course at the New York Film Academy.

Given my passion for advocating mental health awareness, this storyline presented the perfect opportunity to weave in a tale that was not just engaging, but also carried a profound message. The objective was to use the medium of film to shine a spotlight on the importance of direct communication, particularly in the context of mental health.

Additional Credits : Direction Team,Videography, Video producing and Editing

Fabelle Independence Day Special Film

During my exploration of the various aspects of filmmaking, including direction, shooting, and editing, I took a bold step by accepting a full-time position at The Fork Media Group, specifically in their Mashable India division. In this role, I served as a Video Producer and successfully produced a diverse range of numerous videos encompassing technology, travel, lifestyle, and automotive topics.

The Not Normal Show 

Out of hundreds of other entries for the global show by filmmaker  Dan Mace, my concept of transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary emerged victorious. Collaborating with Dan, we crafted a captivating composition that transformed the cacophony of Mumbai City's everyday sounds into a serene audio-visual journey. The resulting creation garnered over 300k views and received generous acclaim. 

The Le15 Cafe 

My foray into freelance production began at the tender age of 17, when I was presented with an opportunity to work with one of the most celebrated chefs, Pooja Dhingra. I was entrusted with the filming of their then ongoing series, "Table No. 13", a project I was involved with every weekend for over six months.

Taking on a multitude of roles within the video production process, I was the creative force behind the conceptualization, filming, and editing of this documentary series. This experience not only honed my skills in various aspects of production but also cemented my passion for visual storytelling in the realm of commercials.

Adulting Season 2 - Dice Media

I had the incredible opportunity to join Dice Media, India's premier web content channel, as part of the direction team for their web series "Adulting." This experience provided me with valuable insights into the realm of narrative filmmaking and fueled my passion for working on similar projects. Through this project, I gained a comprehensive understanding of the collaborative nature between the direction team and other departments involved in the production process.


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